Today the tents or tents that are normally used for camping upon beaches, fields and elsewhere, have been an inspiration to Italians, who design and produce in the past the 1950s, roof tents for cars, taking into consideration good tone materials and adapted to space.

On its Autohome website, you can enjoy more than 50 models, afterward interchange structures, colors, sizes, and special characteristics; It is an article made according to your demands as customers.

Going upon trip and inborn clever to camp where you want, is the most risk-taking adventure for you, who likes to live extreme experiences, but Autohome, makes your animatronics easier, see for your roof tent adapted to your needs and character a bliss everywhere, in having this extraordinary invention.

Each of these tents has ROOF TOP TENTS, which will have the funds for you stability even if driving your vehicles, avoiding causing an accident, your associates and links will be safe traveling on top of your vehicle.

One of the tents that this website promotes, is the Maggiolina Extremo, it has 2 pliable bars upon ROOF summit TENTS, 4 universal clamps for fixing to the roof bars of your vehicle.

Likewise, it has 2 doors as soon as graduated opening, 2 windows, mosquito nets in all openings, attic with soundproof anti-condensation, convenient storage network, 4 removable bulbs, 1 mattress, three cushions, 2 freshening outlets, 1 ceiling light for inner light, inner elastic, 1 pinnacle adjustable alloy ladder, ladder bag, inner elastic to fold fabric; acceptable for your walks and excursions!

One cover is something that is placed on top of out of the ordinary to cover or cover, on the other hand some ROOF summit TENTS, placed in the tents made by Autohome, are the fixing bars, which manage to pay for stability and molding to its structure.

The recessed ROOF top TENTS, well-behaved and made of good material, permit you to mold the design of each tent to the roof tune of your car.